Your Revolution Starts Now


Your revolution – it’s the what-if, the could-be, the should-be, the will-be. Your revolution – it’s politics and semantics, artistics and music. So gather the beatnicks, the critics, the cynics, the mystics, the mavericks, the convicts: blow up the gimmicks, pick-apart the slick-ricks, dismantle the predicate.

Your revolution – it starts Saturday!

Climb atop your soap box and join us for a heated debate about arts and funding this Saturday, June 13 at 7pm at The ARTery (9535 Jasper Ave). Your friends at NextFest and Catch the Keys Productions have rounded up a panel full of fiery passion:

Bobbi Westman, Executive Director, Alberta Dance Alliance
Bradley Moss, Artistic Director, Theatre Network
Laurie Stalker, Grants and Research Director, Edmonton Arts Council
Linda Duncan, MP, Edmonton‐Strathcona
Representative, Alberta Music (TBA)
Representative, Enbridge (TBA)
Stephanie Jonsson, Visual Artist

Polish up your rhetoric and come armed with questions!

Stay the night and stir it up at the politically-fueled Rise Up! performance party! New to the night’s performance line up: Corvid Lorax. Check out the event page for more details.

See you Saturday!

The Darts
Catch the Keys Productions