The NextFest NiteClubs

Curated by Catch the Keys Productions, the NextFest NiteClubs are a series of late-night, multi-disciplinary performance parties. Each NiteClub has a completely distinct flavour so you’ll never experience the same thing twice. This year the NiteClubs take place at Edmonton’s sexiest downtown location, theARTery (9535 Jasper Avenue), where you’ll be entertained and entertaining as you mix, mingle and absorb the atmosphere and art.

dreamscapeFriday, June 12 2009
The NextFest NiteClub Dress Up in Dream Floor Show

The mysterious, the inexplicable, the unsolved, the forbidden: reveal your deepest unconscious secrets and explore your dreamscape on June 13 at the NextFest NiteClub Dress Up in Dream Floor Show. Be led through the lucid corners of artists’ deepest mind-caverns: experience the scary, the sexy, the sordid, the showy. Sacrifice your reservations and give in to the darkest temptations of your imagination. CBC Music Series Artist: Ghostkeeper. Also featuring the musical stylings of Edmonton’s Sally’s Krackers and the electric arc

rise-upSaturday, June 13 2009
The NextFest NiteClub: Rise Up!

Your revolution – it’s the what-if, the could-be, the should-be, the will-be. Your revolution – it’s politics and semantics, artistics and music. So gather the beatnicks, the critics, the cynics, the mystics, the mavericks, the convicts: blow up the gimmicks, pick-apart the slick-ricks, dismantle the predicate. Your revolution – it starts now.
Join panellists at 7:00pm on June 13 for an encouraged heated debate on where funding for the arts has gone, is going, and will be; stay for revolutionarily rocket-fuelled multi-disciplinary performances throughout the evening and around the venue.  CBC Music Series Artist: Colleen Brown.

vaudevilleFriday, June 19 2009
The NextFest NiteClub: The Hurly-Burly Time-Traveling Vaudevillian Serial Comedy Show!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round for a death-defying, awe-inspiring, side-splitting, laughter-stirring, non-stop vaudevillian extravaganza! Stay for the ragtime pantaloons; throw your darts and bouquets at the topical monologists; rev your engines for the eccentric dancers; warble with the barrel-house songbirds; give way for the magicians, the tumblers, the jugglers, the freaks! Travel back in time to the dusty beginnings of vaudevillian comedy and soak up a time-honoured nine part act; laugh till you cry, cry till you laugh at the NextFest NiteClub Hurly-Burly Time-Traveling Vaudevillian Serial Comedy Show on June 19. Stay and cut up the rug with Edmonton’s own The Be Arthurs.

smutSaturday, June 20 2009
NextFest NiteClub: The SMUT Cabaret

Didn’t get your fetish fill the first time? Satisfy your aural fixations and soak up the wordolatry of Edmonton’s saucy spoken word and tawdry theatrical community. Gratify your acousticophilia with Edmonton’s most pleasurable emerging musical acts. Get a face full of artistic indulgence and feel up Edmonton’s boundary-pushing art displays. Challenge the norms of experiment and excess on June 20 at the NextFest NiteClub SMUT Cabaret. CBC Music Series Artist: Devin Hart Trio. Also featuring the musical stylings of Christian Hansen and the Autistics.