The Kitchen Sink Project

In our every day, women play a variety of different roles: we are sister, mother, daughter, grandmother, career woman, caregiver, lover, wife, friend, enemy; the expectations tied to each role define us, make us stronger, build us up, tear us down, bring us home.

In response to kitchen sink realism – a cultural movement born of the 1960’s depicting social realism often focusing on working class men – The Kitchen Sink Project will be a collection of stories inspired by real women.

The Kitchen Sink ProjectThink of the kitchen sink – what comes to mind? Perhaps completing unwanted chores as a child; perhaps washing your newborn for the first time; no matter how small or grand the memory, those experiences tied to the kitchen sink have moulded us, helped make us who we are today. The Kitchen Sink Project is a study of the roles women put on, take off and mutate in and out of the home.

A series of stories intended to be transformed into theatrical monologues, The Kitchen Sink Project will span the decades and will, hopefully, bring together a collection of deeply moving, hysterical, touching and heartbreaking (her)stories.

I invite to you to please join The Kitchen Sink Project. Take a moment and recall a memory provoked by your kitchen sink. Perhaps the memory is tied to the sink in your home now; perhaps it of a long-ago time in your life. Regardless, what does the kitchen sink remind you of? No need to write a long response – in fact, only a few sentences are enough creative fodder.
I kindly ask all submissions please be submitted by Monday, July 20.

Please send all responses to:

Thank you for your time, consideration and beautiful memories.

Megan Dart
Resident Playwright
Catch the Keys Productions