The Kitchen Sink Project on Make Something Edmonton

Catch the Keys has joined the Make Something Edmonton movement, and we want you to be a part of it!

A part of our everyday lives, the kitchen sink is privy to some our most hilarious, heartbreaking, heartwarming and honest moments. Started four years ago as a simple experiment to encourage friends and family to share their stories, The Kitchen Sink project has gathered more than 100 personal stories from around the world. The Kitchen Sink Project aims to collect multigenerational, multicultural, real-life stories inspired by the kitchen sink that examine the roles we put on and take off in and out of the home.

Please: tell us your Kitchen Sink story.

Stories collected will be translated into an evolving multidiscplinary performance project that uses theatre, dance, music and interactive art to share our collective history. The first installation will be staged at the 2013 Found Festival, June 27 – 30 in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood.

So, send us an email at, meet us for coffee, record your grandmother telling her kitchen sink story, release your messenger pigeon – however you do it, we want to hear your story.