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Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre in association with Catch the Keys Productions
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Ursa Major
January 27 – February 7, 2016
ATB Financial Arts Barns, 10330 84 Ave
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Written by Megan Dart
Directed by Beth Dart
Starring Paula Humby and Cliff Kelly with Chris W. Cook
Original Composition by Leif Ingebrigsten
Choreography by Ainsley Hillyard
Projection & Set Design by Matt Schuurman
Costume & Lighting Design by Cheyenne Sykes
Stage Managed by Kerry Johnson
Dramaturgy by Vern Thiessen
Production Managed by Trent Crosby

Ursa Major is based on the true story of the Sisters Dart’s grandparents, who were involved in a tragic car accident on Highway 2 in Alberta, Canada.

The accident left their grandfather, Jim, in a coma, from which he awoke severely brain injured. Their grandmother, Lynn, walked away from the accident with comparatively minor injuries. When faced with the decision to either let Jim go, or become his full time caregiver, Lynn told the doctors: “he has cared for me my entire life, I must care for him now.”

Ursa Major is an inspired story of love, devotion, and the strange world that exists between consciousness and unconsciousness. Part fairytale, part heartbreaking romance, Ursa Major combines original compositions and contemporary choreography in an immersive world that invites audience into an unimaginable story about completely imaginable people.