Gabbo is Coming

The Gabbo Show
Saturday, July 18
The Avenue Theatre
9030 118 Avenue
$15 in Advance/$20 at the Door
Full bar

Injected with the raw comedy of Rapid Fire Theatre’s The Chimney Sweepstakes, the tantalizing burlesque talents of The Keyhole Kittens, and mind-bending black-light puppetry, The Gabbo Show is  a variety party featuring the musical talents of Sally’s Krackers, The Dark Sand and Dr. Owlfin Scalpul.


Throwing show format out the window, The Gabbo Show will have musical guests alternating performances throughout the evening. No defined set means even if you come late, you’ll still get a face full of show.

A wacky take on the creepy yet loveable ventriloquist character, the evening will be hosted by life size puppet Gabbo. You have to see it to believe it.

Tickets available:
Megatunes on Whyte – 10355 Whyte Ave
Freecloud Records – 10764 101 Street
Or online.

Proudly supported by Catch the Keys Productions.

Want more? Listen and watch for details.