Dead Centre of Town Twisted

Edmonton’s only traveling historical horror show Dead Centre of Town is back for another night of gory good fun. Based on the interesting and sometimes sordid history of our fair city, the fifth annual Dead Centre of Town digs up and dances with the dusty bones of the sadly forgotten haunted history of Edmonton while giving you a good fright.

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Catch the Keys Productions presents the fifth annual
Dead Centre of Town: Twisted
Avenue Theatre (9030 118 Avenue)
Thursday, October 27 at 9pm
Tickets $12, available at the door
Starring: Stuart Hoye, Adam Keefe, Christine Lesiak, Vincent Forcier, Colin Matty,
Steve Pirot, Zvonimir Rac, Morgan Smith & Nikolai Witschl

Dead Centre of Town is Catch the Keys’ annual interactive historical Halloween theatre experience. Dead Centre of Town has taken place in such haunted locations as The Globe Bar and Tap House (2007), which was once a mortuary, The ARTery (2008) which lives on the only complete and unaltered pre-World War One streetscape in Edmonton, The Iron Horse, which was the first train station on the south side of the river (2009), and New City Suburbs, which was once a Vaudeville theatre before becoming one of Edmonton’s first moving picture houses (2010).

BEWARE: Dead Centre of Town ain’t for the faint of heart, kittens. Performances contain extreme violence, ghastly gore and unsettling themes, and are intended for an 18+ audience only.