DCoTX: William Mitchell (Tom Ton)

Fun fact:
Will is just colorblind enough to be able to excuse his terrible fashion sense and design asthetics, but still know what kind of turtle shell he has in Mariokart.
Number of years with DCoT: 5
Favourite DCoT memory: Everything about the Wendigo (year 7 & 8), tied with the looks on people’s faces when I opened my door in the Selkirk (year 9).
What you’re most afraid of: Being trapped in my own body.




Will Mitchell is stoked to be back for Dead Centre for his fifth time! Always one of the highlights of the year, he’s very much looking forward to sharing the ghoulish delights of this year’s production with unsuspecting audiences all October long. Will performs on stages around Edmonton, and you may have last seen him at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in Orson Welles’ Last Magic Show (which coincidentally was Will’s FIRST magic show). He also occasionally does film, tv and voice over work so you may have seen or heard him on screen from time to time. He recommends you not come to Dead Centre of Town on an empty stomach…