DCoTX: Kat & John Evans (The October People, SFX, Costumes, Makeup, Set)

Fun fact: Two nerds in love, making art together!
Number of years with DCoT: 
Favourite DCoT memory: 
Too many amazing memories! Hard to choose! One of the standouts though is from our first year on the show (DCoT year 3): John “ripping” Kat’s tongue out with his teeth and spitting the bloody hunk of meat into the audience on the Emily Fey story! That got a FANTASTIC audience reaction!
What you’re most afraid of: 
John – Stories of possession 
Kat – Clowns, spiders.








The October People Productions was founded in Edmonton by husband and wife team John and Kat Evans, both of whom come from very strong theatrical backgrounds. John is a graduate of Red Deer College’s Performing Arts Program, and Kat has her BFA in Theatre Design from the U of A. They each have decades of experience in Theatre and Film. Their passions are not focused solely on any one aspect of these industries, however, and you can often find them working both on and off stage, and in front of and behind the camera.

The company The October People Productions provides a wide variety of services for the Theatre and Film industries including but not limited to: Set/Costume/Lighting Design, Makeup & Hair Design/Artistry, Special Effects Design/Artistry, Props Design/Rental, Costume Rentals, Weaponry, Sound Design, Video Editing, and Custom Mask Design.

Follow them on Facebook.com/TheOctoberPeopleProductions  and on Twitter @theoctpeeps