DCoTX: Jake Tkaczyk (James P Watson, Poodles)

Fun fact: I teach spin class at YEG Cycle. Yes, a class on a stationary bike.
Number of years with DCoT: 
This is my first time with DCoT!

What you’re most looking forward to this year: 
I’m looking forward to filling DCoT with people – bringing life to an outdoor site-specific piece!

What you’re most afraid of:  

Jake grew up on a farm outside of Holden, Alberta and is a recent graduate of Red Deer College’s Theatre Performance and Creation program, as well as the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting program. Jake has worked as an actor, director, creator and educator in central Alberta. His selected credits include: Urinetown (Grindstone Theatre), The Big Fat Surprise, and Pride and Pre-Jeu-Dice (innocent operations), You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! (Opera Nuova), and The Government Inspector and Bright Burning (Studio Theatre). Jake recently received the AFA Young Artist prize.