DCoTX: Erin Hayes (Scare Management)

Fun fact: Working on DCoT has taught me that the words “final version” don’t mean anything!
Number of years with DCoT: 1!
What you’re most looking forward to this year: Spending 17 October evenings in the crisp fall air.
What you’re most afraid of: Ironically, the dark.

Erin is very excited to work on Dead Center of Town X. She would like to thank her fearless leaders Beth and Megan, the endlessly magical production and creative team as well as her parents for all their constant support. Special thanks go to John Raymond for his expertise and guidance. Erin’s University of Alberta credits include: Tom at the Farm in the Bleviss Laboratory Theatre (Stage Manager) and Government Inspector in the Timms Centre for the Arts (Stage Manager). Her credits with Toy Guns Dance Theatre include: Prolylene Glycol, Maltodextrin, Retinol Palmitate and Other Words I Don’t Understand Like Love (Assistant Stage Manager), Narcissist or Pretty Boys Who Play Alone at Recess (Stage Manager) among many others. She has previously worked with Catch the Keys Productions on The Runcible Riddle (Production Assistant) as well as the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts (Assistant Stage Manager).