Alum Love

Quoted from the Wednesday, July 8, 2009 University of Alberta Department of Drama Alumni News:

Beth Dart’s (BFA Tech Theatre Stage Management ’07) Catch the Keys collective continues to be use other art forms (photographs, music) as the impulse for their theatre-making experiments. Dart’s early ideas to engage other artists such as painters or musicians to create works inspired by each other’s media was first developed in 2007 as a DR 507 project in her final year as a stage management student. A further developed Art on Art project debuted at NextFest in 2008, as a result of a creative chain that began with a Vancouver-based photographer’s 20 pictures inspiring a musician whose score was the impulse for a script.

The intriguing multi-disciplinary Art on Art was remounted again this past May in Edmonton under the Indie 5 banner featuring Nikolai Witschl (BFA Acting ’10) and Nicole Schafenacker (BA Drama Honors ’09) as the cast. Catch the Keys was also involved at the feats Festival of Dance this July, with Beth and her sister Megan curating the Wideyed Cabaret – pairing dance, music and theatre artists with other professionals such a hairstylist and a chef to create new performances for the stage.”