The 1000 Faces of Mythic Art Festival

Catch the Keys proudly presents the first public reading of our newest stagework, Snout as part of Theatre Propero‘s 1,000 Faces of Mythic Art Festival.

Loosely based on the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, in which Osiris is killed by his brother in a jealous fit of rage over Osiris’ place as king, Snout is a myth undone – a strange retelling of a spoiled love and bloody murder.

Readings take place the The Avenue Theatre. Free event!

Wednesday, May 18 9:30pm
Saturday, May 21 9:30pm

Starring Nikolai Witschl as Ori; Amber Bissonnette as Lynn; Cole Humeny as Jim and Richard Lee at Wolf. Written by Megan Dart. Directed by Beth Dart.