Some Birds Walk for the Hell of It

Catch the Keys Productions & Azimuth Theatre


C.R. Avery’s Some Birds Walk for the Hell of It

A Razzmatazz Opera of Joy

with Lola Frost, DJ Su Comandante, Darcy McMurray, Melody Mangler & Susan Kania

May 8, 9 & 10 2014

Doors at 7:30pm | Show at 8pm

The Living Room Playhouse (11315 106 Avenue)

Tickets: $20 available through

Some Birds Walk for the Hell of ItA night out on the town doesn’t have to be drums, bass, guitar and a lead singer with some street smarts in a Redbull bar with an audience standing around half looking down at their iPhones. Nor does it have be high art for a high price that you have to be high to be entertained by the uppity highwire act.

Artists have gotten lazy. Live shows should look like a painting and sound like sex.

Break dancing nuns to Beethoveen’s Ode to Joy, remixed with Cool J scratch and a beat from 1997 by a Zive DJ. A dropped whisper for the small choir to hum, beautifully interrupted by the conglomerate of an orgy turned loud as a three piece rock and roll band. Boom! Even Jelly Roll Morton had chorus girls and he invented jazz. Even Bukowski barked “it gotta have some dance! Some moxie! The energy of a broadway show!”

Burning Beatlemania to a pulp fiction with the written word regurgitated as an inside speaking spiced-rum voice just in time for the loving Russian-novel-loving air stewardess, the post-modern-librarian and a burlesque boogie boo bee trap villianess to make their entrance disguised like Hank Williams as Luke the Drifter. The shifter of poetry from juke box to cavalry mountain alley.

What kind of show is this? It’s C.R. Avery’s new book out on Anvil Press, turned into a two act play with a seven person cast catapulting it into a razzmatazz opera of joy. This here’s gonna be the goods.