Only Up From Here

On January 7, 2007, Catch the Keys staged it’s very first production. A multidisciplinary experiment, The (admittedly pretentiously named) Revolution saw the immediate interaction of theatre, improvised music and visual art created on the spot, in front of a live audience. Each of the three mediums were communicated through audio and/or visual technology anchored in different rooms of the University of Alberta‘s Timms Centre (back in the day when *gasp* wifi wasn’t even available).

Six years to that very day, Catch the Keys has moved into it’s new home. One of six pioneering creative entrepreneurs putting down roots in Startup Edmonton‘s Creators Studio, CtK, for the first time in its history, has a place to call home that isn’t, well, actually our house, where we live and eat and sleep.

True to our roots, the Creators Studio is home to creatives of all walks: graphic designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, production designers, writers, playwrights, illustrators, filmmakers, musicians, video game developers, photographers, storytellers, producers, and publishers. A reflection of the mandate we’ve carefully cultivated since that fateful night in January, this new home will allow us to interact with and be inspired by the multidisciplines, everyday. This, friends, is a manifestation of the revolution we attempted to kickstart six short years ago.

This milestone, like any of the milestones we’ve met thus far, is due to the unbelievable support we receive from our community. Though the list is long and growing, please know we couldn’t do it without y’all – we thank and appreciate you more than you know.

It’s only up from here!