Ncounter Dissonance

sacrificing_to_machineAccording to the great oracle (Wiki), “dissonance has several meanings, all related to conflict or incongruity”

What does dissonance mean for an artist? Does social dissonance map onto musical dissonance? Does the sound of industry birth the sound of industrial music? Is dissonance noise? Is dissonance modern art? Is dissonance the extreme of sensory thresholds, or is it just the machine?

Explore the artistic meaning and relationship among music, sound and dissonance and Ncounter dissonance Friday, March 26 at 8pm at Dewey’s Pub on Campus.

This open stage concept invites visual artists, photographers, composers, performers, scholars and anyone interested in exploration and experimentation to explore colour in all art forms. Join the Graduate Music Students’ Association Friday March 26 at 8pm at Dewey’s Pub on Campus for a night dedicated to music and dissonance.

Interested in creating a place where diverse people with many interests can gather once a month and share thoughts on a selected theme, Ncounters is a trans-disciplinary gathering open to anyone and everything.

Come armed with your performance idea, your short paper presentation of 10 minutes or less, a video, a musical performance, a new composition, an interpretive dance, a painting or your opinion and share it with the group.

We will be prepared with a projector, a laptop, a mic and some speakers. Visual artists interested in creating during the evening are invited to bring supplies and drop cloths. Space will be provided.

Bring whatever you need and meet us:

  • March 26, 8pm
  • Dewey’s Pub On Campus
  • $5 or free with participation