Dead Centre of Town XIII Accessibility

Dead Centre of Town XIII is an immersive, roving performance, meaning the audience moves with the performance. Below, please find an overview of the audience experience. Questions? Please reach out to

Dead Centre of Town XIII takes place at the Capitol Theatre in Fort Edmonton Park. The Theatre is about a 5-10 minute walk from the main Park gates. The walk is a combination of boardwalks, dirt or gravel roads, grass, or other slightly uneven surfaces. The Park is atmospherically lit in celebration of DARK, Fort Edmonton Park’s Halloween Festival.

Fort Edmonton Park is a living museum and historical attraction that spans many acres in Edmonton’s river valley. While the Park has recently renovated to improve accessibility, not all spaces are wheelchair or mobility aid accessible.

Due to the location of Dead Centre of Town XIII, this performance is not accessible to wheelchair or mobility aid users. Other DARK attractions are wheelchair and mobility aid accessibility, including the “Under the Big Top” and “3AM: Dead of Night” haunts. Visit the DARK website to learn more.

Audience Meeting Point
Dead Centre of Town Audiences will gather outside between the Capitol Theatre and the Selkirk Hotel on 1920 Street.

There is a short switchback gate at the entrance to the Dead Centre of Town Audience meeting point just off the boardwalk past the main entrance to the Capitol Theatre.

The meeting point has a raised wooden boardwalk next to a dirt/gravel parking lot where a bonfire will be located. After a short pre-show introduction from the Dead Centre of Town team, audience will walk down the boardwalk to enter the theatre through a single side door.

Dead Centre of Town Experience
This year’s show roves through the Capitol. Audience will move with the show, including walking down a narrow hallway, walking up and down a set of 7 stairs with rubber treads, and walking up and down 8 wide carpeted stairs in the auditorium of the Theatre. There’s seating available at each scene, including soft theatre seats in the auditorium, and limited found seating at the other scenes (mostly wooden chairs).

Run Time
The show runs about 55 minutes.

Our team is happy to provide patron support during the experience. Email before the show, or ask for Megan at the Audience Meeting Point when you arrive.