Dead Centre of Town Better Next Year

Dear friends and fans of Dead Centre of Town;

It is with a heavy heart we share the news of our dear friend Stuart Hoye, who was injured in an accident this past weekend. Stu has been an artistic associate of Catch the Keys and the central narrator of Dead Centre of Town for the past five years. Stu is on the long road to recovery, and is being extremely well cared for at the University of Alberta’s intensive care unit. He is surrounded by the love of his friends and family.

Ours is a tight knit family of creators, and Stu’s positive energy and creative input is integral to the production of Dead Centre of Town. We have decided to put Dead Centre of Town on a one year hiatus as we focus our energy on helping Stu heal. This was not an easy decision to make, for we know Stu would undoubtedly tell us “the show must go on!”

Our sincerest thanks to those who have supported Dead Centre of Town for the last five years – we will be back better than ever next year, and look forward to giving you a proper fright!

We send our love and healing energy to Stu and his family as he recovers. There is an army of people who love you, Stu – get well soon!

Take care of one another.


Megan & Beth Dart
Artistic Producers, Catch the Keys Productions