DCoTX: Joshua Lee Coss (Chester)

Fun Fact: I’m in a band, but don’t know how to play a single instrument.
Number of years with DCoT: This is my 2nd year!
Favourite DCoT memory: Every moment haunting the halls of the Hotel Selkirk last year was my favourite moment.
What you’re most afraid of: Birds. Big birds, little birds, exotic birds, common birds. If it has wings and a beak, I’m scared of it.



Josh is a local Edmonton actor, comedian, and improvisor. He is one half of the musical comedy duo “Success 5000”, one tenth of the sketch comedy group “The Debutantes”, and 100% of the made up group he calls “The Josh Coss Vanity Experience”. This is his second time working with Catch The Keys and he could not be more excited!