DCoTX: Ian Walker (Impossible Machine Wizard)

Fun fact: When I was solo camping in the Norwegian fjords I had a close encounter with a troll!
Number of years with DCoT:  Three
Favourite DCoT memory: Seeing the “woman in white” levitate in the Selkirk hotel
What you’re most afraid of:  Scarecrows that come to life and go on murderous rampages.
Originally from Yorkshire, England, Ian is a mechanical designer who primarily creates automation for various industries. Ian was part of a small team who redesigned and maintained the automation of the chandelier used in Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto. Since relocating to Edmonton in 2015, Ian has created theatre effects, props and art installations for Dead Centre of Town (Catch the Keys Productions), The Object of Constellations (Small Matters Productions), and The Water Show (The University of Alberta).