DCoTX:  Franco Correa (Chicken Boy)

Fun fact: I’ve wanted to be a carnival barker ever since I was a little kid.
Number of years with DCoT: First year!
What you’re most looking forward to this year: I’m looking forward to getting to use my outdoor/shouting voice!
What you’re most afraid of: Aliens, hands down aliens. But the kind of fear where I would never pass up an opportunity to actually get to interact with one.

Franco Correa is an Edmonton-based physical theatre performer and creator. In fourth grade he was cast as an extra in a made for TV Christmas special starring the kid from “Two and a Half Men,” and has since then gone on to do one or two other notable things. Such things include: Garnish (NextFest 2017), Unweaving the Window (Edmonton Clown Festival 2016), and The Runcible Riddle (Catch the Keys Productions). He is currently in the process of reintegrating with society after a lovely summer spent learning about clown at the MCCP.