DCoTX: Elise Jason (Design Assistant)

Fun fact: 95% of clothes I own are stained with paint. The sacrifices of being a designer.
Number of years with DCoT: 1!
What you’re most looking forward to this year: Many, many more years to come.
What you’re most afraid of: The inevitably of dying alone and being abandoned by those I love. Also, the ocean.

elise jason [they/them/theirs] is an edmonton based theatre designer and installation artist completing their final year of a bachelor of fine arts in theatre design at the university of alberta. their primary interest is integrating sculpture and installation into theatre, as well as connecting with the audience through interactive, non-traditional performances and experiences.

interested in working primarily with stories of queerness and the experience of the modern other, elise is interested practising non-traditional theatre upon graduation.

in addition to being a theatre-based troublemaker and carbon-based lifeform, elise also works as front-of-house/volunteer wizard at edmoton’s beloved rapid fire theatre.