DCoTX: Elisa Benzer (Filumena Lossandro)

Fun fact: Elisa is returning for her second year with DCOT and apparently can’t get off the disturbing Theatre train. The most recent play she wrote and performed in was a one woman show about a serial killing nurse name Eusha. So cheers to all things creepy and let the darkness in.
Number of years with DCoT: 2 Years with DCOT
Favourite DCoT memory: last year when a grown man was talking during the beginning of my scene commenting on how “not scary this stuff is” and then being the fastest one out with the loudest scream by the time the scene was over.
What you’re most afraid of: My phobia is Moths. But I’m most afraid of burning alive.
Elisa Benzer is an actor and playwright in Edmonton and has been working professionally in the community for nearly 10 years. She has also done some work in film as well, most recently It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway (Mosaic Entertainment), and is currently working on writing her first full length screen play. You may recognize Elisa from her performance in Dead Centre of Town last year, where she got to hang out in a bathtub and scare the pants off the audience with her character Bella. Other work Elisa has had the privilege to be part of are Eusha (Shortgirl Productions), The Circle (ATP Calgary), It’s Love and Other Reasons to Panic! (Shortgirl Productions), Honk! (Grindstone Theatre), and Alice Dans le Monde a L’envers (L’Uni Theatre). She is also very proud to mention that her first play Letters to Laura (Shortgirl Productions) received multiple Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award nominations including Outstanding Fringe Performance by an Actress and Outstanding New work. She would like to thank her family for their unwavering support and Nick for understanding what comes along with loving an artist.