DCoTX: Ainsley Hillyard (Movement Director)

Fun fact: Ainsley is an Edmonton based performer and creator who works in dance and theatre.

Number of years with DCoT: 4
Favourite DCoT Memory: My favourite memory is when Cookie the goat snuck into our show for free. As a henchperson my character doesn’t speak, so I had to lurch over to Beth, the director, and get her attention by grunting so I could point out cookie in the crowd without breaking character.
What you’re most afraid of: Zombies and wasps
Ainsley Hillyard is an Edmonton-based choreographer, performer and educator who works in contemporary dance and theatre. She has been a collective artist with the Good Women Dance Collective since 2009. Ainsley’s choreography credits include; The Other, Bears Sterling Award for Outstanding Choreography, (Pyretic Productions); Beckett’s Shorts, Genius Code (Surreal SoReal Theatre); Ursa Major, Snout (Catch The Keys Productions) and 9 Parts of Desire (The Maggie Tree). Her work with Good Women Dance also includes the curation of Dancefest for the Nextfest Arts Company and teaching ongoing company classes open to the public. Upcoming this season, Ainsley will be working choreographing Jack and the Beanstalk with Alberta Opera and assistant choreographing for Hadestown at the Citadel.