CtK does NextFest

This time of year always gets us CtK gals buzzing with energy: the energy of feeling the sun after a long, cold winter; the energy of backyard bonfires and late night chats with great friends; and, of course, the energy of another year with our long-time love affair, NextFest. Oh, NextFest. How we heart you. 

We’re back this year with more performance fun than ever before. With five events over ten days, Catch the Keys is proud to bring you the kind of rowdy good times you can only find in Edmonton in spring…

Mark your calendars, friends. This gonna be crazy.

The NextFest NiteClubs

The NextFest NiteClubs are a series of late-night, transdisciplinary performance parties. Each NiteClub has a completely distinct flavour so you’ll never experience the same thing twice. Be entertained and be entertaining as you mix, mingle and get lost in the artistic atmosphere. All doors at 9:30pm.

Rise up!Rise Up!
Friday, June 4
The ARTery (9535 Jasper Ave)
Your revolution – it’s the what-if, the could-be, the should-be, the will-be. Your revolution – it’s politics and semantics, artistics and music. So gather up the beatnicks, the critics, the cynics, the mystics, the mavericks, the convicts: blow up the gimmicks, pick-apart the slick-ricks, dismantle the predicate. Your revolution – it starts now. Your revolution – it’s rocket-fuelled multi-disciplinary performance throughout the evening and around the venue.


Friday, June 11 (9535 Jasper Ave)
The ARTery
Get your wires crossed and plug into the intermedia of artechnology. It’s a brave new world: enter into the collective intelligence, allow the machine technology to enable the new artistic landscape where lines between performer and computer blur, where we’re left wondering if art imitates life or if life imitates art. Featuring the mind blowing musical talents of Mass Choir.



The SMUT CabaretSMUT Cabaret
Saturday, June 12
The Roxy (10708 124 St)
The bitch is back! Smut takes a tawdry turn for the naughty best: get a face full of film-inspired indulgence when sexy Smut runs her silver tongue over the big screen. A late night performance party inspired by the celebrity, scandal, sex and success of Hollywood, the Smut Cabaret will strip Tinseltown bare. Feel up Edmonton’s bawdy boundary-pushing art displays, satisfy your aural fixations and fit your lips around the wordolatry of Edmonton’s saucy spoken word and tasty theatrical community, gratify your acousticophilia with Edmonton’s naughtiest emerging musical acts. Challenge the norms of experiment and excess on June 12 at the NextFest NiteClub SMUT Cabaret.


New to the festival just this year, NuMusic@Nextfest proudly presents brave new works by nine emerging composers from across Canada. Played by a fresh five piece music ensemble, this interactive listening experience is your only chance to discover how the world really ends. Join us at the Azimuth Theatre to be saved or sacrificed.

Part One: Virion
Tuesday, June 8 (Performance time to be announced. Stay tuned!)
Azimuth Theatre (11315 106 Ave)
The introduction of technology works like a virus: converting ideas into monstrous entities, viral cells attack and mutate everything in its path until a point is reached where everything changes. Like the point where water becomes ice or vapour, there is a change.

Featuring new works by:
Ruth Guechtal, Tomas Bouda, Tom Merklinger, Sally Norris. Audience Interludes by Dan Brophy.

Part Two: The Eradication of the Unnecessary Chance
Thursday, June 10 (Performance time to be announced. Stay tuned!)
Azimuth Theatre (11315 106 Ave)

After the change, a new reality exists where remnants of the old way are hunted down and converted. Now is the time to regain some of what we lost. Now it is time to tell the real story. 

Featuring new works by:
Nancy Tam, Raimundo Gonzalez, Glenn James, Colin Labadie. Audience Interludes by Dan Brophy.

Both nights played by musicians:
Robyn Reekie, Bass
Twila Bakker, Flute
Alison Balcetis, Saxophone
Reg Kachanoski, Percussion
James Law, Violin

Survivors and Futurists:
Stuart Hoye, Darren Paul, Emily Bachynski, Kyla Shinkewski

Tickets, festival passes, information and dating advice available through Roxy Theatre (780.451.2440).